Thursday, March 28, 2013

r.i.p. tkf

My friend Terry would have been 49 or 50 today, not sure. He succumbed to AIDS-related illness in 1994, and is missed by many. I wrote an emotional epitaph of sorts that appeared in an old issue of WFMU's LCD magazine when he passed, more potent than anything I could come up with today. Mostly, I just wish the guy was still around. I'd like to see what a 50-year-old tkf would be like.

Below are some Web links, written by myself and Irwin Chusid, about Terry, as well as some photo links. The first one features a download of some of Terry's music; ultra-personal, ultra-creative low-fi shit, made long before the style was so in vogue. ...

Cassette Culture Revisited, Part X - Terence Karl Folger

Little Goats Barked (by Irwin Chusid)

(photos by Jim Price)

I always thought it was funny that Terry's birthday was March 28th, in light of the Boomtown Rats's song, "Nothing Happened Today."

Terry was the person who welcomed me into the fold at WFMU, and I miss him in uncountable ways.