Friday, March 22, 2013

even the silence is cinematic.

Castle back in form!

And what a joy, to just settle in for three hours, and play a healthy chunk of my musical favorites of the moment. Thank you all for your generous donations, making the My Castle of Quiet show possible, and its rarity uncompromised.

I watched the film Blue Valentine the other day, and since it's a few years old, I won't consider any of the following to be "spoilers." ... Man aggressively pursues woman he's instantly wowed by; a special girl, who encapsulates his vision and his heart. Man takes a beating (literally), and continues to love the woman with all of his heart, and with dedication, co-raises her child (a child who almost definitely isn't his.) Over time, the relationship stagnates (for the woman at least), as relationships sometimes do, though the man remains loyal and content. Somehow things just aren't working for the woman, and this feeling grows over time, until, within the confines of her own heart, there is no turning back. As her rejection of him grows, festers and becomes undeniable, man freaks out—his whole life is crumbling before his eyes—and in the course of trying desperately and hopelessly to win her back, he loses control, and "bad behavior" inevitably ensues; he knows not what else to do. The whole "or for worse" part of their marriage vows gets tossed out with the bathwater, and he tells her as much, at this point pleading for her indulgence. In the end, man walks away, because he's told to, because he's given no choice, and because by now the damage is irreparable.

As it says up top, in the subheading for this blog, "the horrors of everyday life," and Blue Valentine is definitely horrific, especially if you're a man who's loved a woman until the cord was cut, irreconcilably and against your will. Ryan Gosling, one of the best actors currently achieving great success within the Hollywood system, plays this role to heart-crushing effect. Not for the faint of heart, for the truth of Blue Valentine is like getting gored by the Rhino of Love. ...It's always good when I enter the film-viewing experience with no particular expectations, none, in fact, and such was the case here. SLAM! Another (cinematic) door closes forever, and 'nuff said.

When there's this much great, new music to share, one must seize the opportunity to release, and escape from the drama of real life, however great or shitty your individual day has gone. ...

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Somehow, a rainy quad filled with uniformly dressed Japanese girls is absolutely terrifying; go ask the Japanese. Still, the original Juon I & II (made for television) are uniquely effective and terrifying, and by far the best of the Juon lot. A great many remakes and less-effective derivatives would follow. Click on these franchised and drenched young ladies (water—very scary too!) to reach the playlist, audio archives and comments board for this week's horrorcast™