Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Say it again ... hahah oh man

Marathon week #1 for My Castle of Quiet in review ... a gracious thanks to all contributors, and to co-host Clay Pigeon. I hope our pairing made for entertaining radio, and by all accounts it did! Being such a nice, genuine guy, Clay takes me way outside my usual "comfort zone," as it were, and I planned this deliberately; I'm way too much of a crusty perfectionist, and need to be rattled into the light upon occasion. Attempts to rock me gently into "emasculating" speech and behavior also very welcome and amusing, as I have balls on my balls. No fear. Bottom line: the presence of Clay, and your generous contributions, made it as much, or more so, of a success as any Castle marathon shift ever gets, and I'm proud to have earned what I did for WFMU, with Clay's jovial assistance. Some of you gave quite generously, and I hope you walked away satisfied, and maybe even with a great prize for your participation.

Thanks also to all the labels and artists who contributed prizes for the show; hopefully, I did your releases justice, as a lot more talking is a requisite part of the fundraising motif, and many of the longer titles needed to be excerpted, where under normal conditions I would have, and typically do, air lengthy tracks in full.

As to general spieling and long-cane activities, remember that a pledge of $75 or more to My Castle of Quiet, at any time during the marathon (click here for anytime pledging, or here, to "adopt" me for the year), will earn you a copy of My Metal Singles, this year's Castle premium, a collection of ultra-rare trax culled from my DUSTY metal 7" collection; details HERE. Cover below...
MCoQ is back this Thursday at midnight with more metal, more noise, more prizes ... and co-host Diane Kamikaze. We work together nearly every marathon, and where she won't wrangle it out of me that I love my listeners or chinchillas, the banter / rapport will be quite top-shelf and at The Castle, we're all about different stripes and different types; keeps me on my toes and keeps life interesting.

Remember also that the WFMU Marathon continues until this Sunday at midnight; we're only 47% overall to our goal, and need your help and donations. You can pledge online at any time to MCoQ by using the white rectangular widget above, or donate to the station in general by clicking HERE.

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