Thursday, May 12, 2011

Why Is Jeff Conklin So Happy?

Those of you who have been following the My Castle of Quiet radio show since its inception in June 2009 know that I long for a good foil. Fencing sword? Yes. But also, the occasional good co-host. Someone to converse with, bounce ideas off of, scold me when I'm bad, laugh at my jokes and make a few of their own.

First there was JH, he who would now see me dead, he who spews hateful bile and threats every time I shoot him an email. Still, I keep the bastard's music up on my curator page on the FMA.

Our good friend Paul Haney dropped by once, and dazzled all with gems from his extensive collection of rare noise recordings.

Then, the charming C. Lavender, perhaps the most complimentary personality with whom I've shared the microphone; she's quite wisely up and fled the Garden State.

Now, I'm pleased to welcome Mr. Jeff Conklin of East Village Radio's Just Music, a true music lover with heart to spare. I'd say we've known each other a while, but I think the bond came at the Magma show last year. Proud prog dorks were we.

Tune in tonight @ midnight, as Jeff shares the mic with me, and some gems from his collection with Castle listeners. RAT OWN!