Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Releases in the Prison Tatt Web store, May 2011

Those of you who follow our Facebook page, or the label in general, may know already about these releases, but since every release at Prison Tatt is a work of pride and not-quite joy, schadenfreude perhaps, we find no shame in praising them aggressively in all available arenas.

Newest to uh, drop, is the Pacificador one-sider by Brazilians (now based in the UK) Sesso Violento. I was fortunate to establish a relationship with this band shortly after their first demo, a digital-only release that broke new ground in the realm of crust-punk black metal, with great songwriting and the band's own curious element of sci-fi guitar noise and other shadowy effects. The 20-min. side works as a suite of sorts, a blistering ride through treacherous, modern-urban horror; the striking image of a Brasilian police tank on the sleeve pretty much saying it all. 100 copies pressed; available for $16 ppd within the U.S. You can hear two full tracks, and view pricing for other regions at the main page of our site.

Also intense, violent and striking, though completely on another plane from Sesso V., is the new release by KILT, Kitchen Sorcery, marking the first silver-CD digipak release for the improvisational duo/sometimes trio. The disc features two cleanly recorded, crisply in-your-face mastered studio sessions, as well as a live set from Texas 2007. Though electronics and processing gear are amply employed, part of what's striking about KILT, and these recordings in particular, is that everything they do feels decidedly organic, and it's not without intent, as the name KILT is meant to conjure up thoughts of pipes, reeds and green plains. Hear a healthy track excerpt, and purchase ($10 ppd U.S.) at the PT site.

And selling fast (for a release of 100) is PT 002, a long time in the planning and making, Xesse, the one-sided LP by T.O.M.B. Similar to the Sesso Violento release in that it works as a suite of shorter, connected pieces, Xesse stands as this mystery band's creepiest work to date—not metal, not really noise in the expected sense either, but a study in disturbing frequencies and performed passages, much of the source material recorded under the cover of night at "damned" locations. Xesse is monumental and truly horrific, and one will not be able to listen passively. A new type of music unto itself. $17 ppd within the U.S.; song excerpts and pricing for other regions at our site.

Also still available are two very "large" releases (both on digipak CD, with hi-gloss UV-coated artwork), one by Brooklyn's OPPONENTS, Together We Will End The Future, the answer to the question, "where are contemporary electronics going?"—a mighty release from one of the most-prolific and constantly surprising hard electronics outfits working today, infused with horror power and 80s styles tastefully mined. More info, song extracts, and online shopping at our site. And last but by no means least, White Fire Laudanum, the ONLY terrestrial release by Dhampyr, the despair-munching, human-suffrage pumping, depressive black metal artists from Rhode Island. Two full songs can be previewed here. You may also download Dhampyr's latest work, Blestwater Elegies, absolutely free at this link.

As I contemplate the pros and cons of a label bandcamp page, though most likely it will happen, Prison Tatt goes into production this week, on Husere Grav's eagerly anticipated Myths o/s LP, and the o/s vinyl reissue of Ives' Abandon cassette.