Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm totally tweaking.

I love it when people comment about how high they are, be it naturally or chemically induced—it's the kind thing that many will groan and roll their eyes upward to, "oh, how, childish!"—but since My Castle of Quiet is all about the inner child, my inner child—and yours too, this type of exclamation is wholly appropriate. We are foolish, fallible, and finally human. And since there is so much expression of good feeling in the universe, and on WFMU (which is, like any good broadcast entity, and the bad ones too, a microcosm of our population) I was begotten, to provide a reliable home for contrast, and for those of us who feed on that contrast, those "bad vibes," this show actually makes quite a few, more than a few people, happy. It feels good to be aggressive, to have a safe place where one can, literally or figuratively, express their angst and frustrations; anger and wall-punching is allowed. We can't all smile, gently stroke our acoustic guitar and express our tenderness all the time, and in fact, some of us NEVER want to. My Castle of Quiet is your radio home away from home, nihilists, misanthropes, those lacking the proper attitude to function "correctly" in our twisted society. (Just don't fuck with ME, the gatekeeper and master, THAT will get you nowhere, as has been shown.) Sit down, cross your legs, fill a goblet, and enjoy as the brutality floweth free.

What a treat to have Jeff Conklin visit this week, to contribute some dynamite selections and steer me into more than one questionable conversation. Great sounds he brought, as Jeff is always onto more than a few things that have slipped past my radar, and though we've arrived at this music for somewhat different personal reasons, we both get our souls fed by it in much the same way. So, eternal thanks are due Jeff for his contributions to The Castle, and it's my deepest regret that the Port Authority's "rapid" transit made his (and his lovely companion's) journey home something much less than pleasant.

You can hear the entire 3-hour archive of the weekly horrorcast™, and view the playlist, by clicking on the damned soul above. (And if that's Brazilian 60s hell (ala Coffin Joe), well, it ain't so bad after all, at the very least, it's COLORFUL.) Another regular listener, Rory, commented, "I have a feeling that I'm going to keep coming back to this show on the archives for weeks." And yes, 'twas a doozie. Thank you Rory, Jeff, and all the other Castle faithful, for acknowledging that The Castle is in fact GOOD, THOUGH NOT NECESSARILY GOOD-NATURED. It doesn't have to be a happy, sappy, beer-swillin' pop tune, in order to enrich the human condition. No it does not.

Notices on and off the playlist for Drunks With Guns, Hoax, and Jackie Kennedy.
Feel you next week.

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