Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rust Worship, thoughtful choices and brave stabs LIVE on My Castle of Quiet, TONIGHT!

Rust Worship has always been such a fascinating project name to me; as a word-a-tarian, I can do so much with it. "Rust Never Worships, Do One?" "The Sleep of Rust Begets Worship." I can't help but throw in that memorable Neil Young phrase somewhere, but mostly, what Rust Worship means to me is the glory of oxidation, the decay, of tape foremost, but also of vinyl, and well, everything. Oxygen gives life as it fosters decay. And what might that all sound like? Why, the music of Paul Haney, of course.

Paul Haney is one of My Castle of Quiet radio's recurring characters, like Leo McKern's Number Two on The Prisoner, or Joel Murray's drunken client rep on Mad Men. Having appeared first as a guest DJ, then again as part of the trio lineup of Towering Heroic Dudes (still one of my personal-favorite live Castle sessions, though I love them all.) these appearances still give only a glimpse of the wall of vibrating chaos that is Paul's solo project, Rust Worship. Using and abusing an array of sources, including cassettes, LPs, turntables, guitars and glass, Rust Worship is most often a polyrhythmic assault, where loops and delayed phrases collide and tumble over one another, sometimes clean and subtle, then rising to a distorted crescendo, like someone trying desperately to fight their way out of a bad dream. Cassettes on Obsolete Units and Cryptic Carousel tell only part of the Rust Worship tale, as part of the fun is the process, that of watching and hearing Paul make thoughtful choices and brave stabs in real time. I've had the pleasure of seeing Paul grow the project since 2009 (though he started a few years earlier, I believe), so Rust Worship's Castle visit is a long time in the making, and it's highly likely that Paul will pull a magnum opus (or two) out of his track bag, as so many live Castle guests have in the past.

Don't miss this one.
Simply smashing photo of Rust Worship by your host and author.

Barbara Steele opens the door a crack, looks left and then right, and yanks me inward by my lapels, "C'mon!" @ midnight.
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