Saturday, May 21, 2011

This show is the Brown Hobo spider of WFMU's schedule. I love it. ... Goddammit I *wish* the world was ending tomorrow. But it fucking won't.

Self-obligatory playlist re-post title double header this week.

I'd been laying low after my self-pitying screed posted here a few nights ago (since taken down.) If you saw, just do me a favor and lie and say you didn't. I need to put on fingerless mittens, and secure them with duct tape, when I get deep into those moods, so that no typing is possible. Sarzan also wasn't here to stop me, or be my barometer of shutupingness. What's done is done; hopefully collateral social damage was minimal.

Nothing stopped me from serving the faithful (plus others) on this week's horrorcast™, nor from attending an absolutely life-affirming grind show last night in the neighboring hamlet of Montclair, NJ. In fact, that same tour hits Shea Stadium in Brooklyn tonight (20 Meadow Street), and if you want to be blown back by a powerful spirit with the essence of a sidewalk hammer, you'll mosey over there and catch the bill that includes Castle favorites The Communion, and visiting Australian new Castle favorites Doubled Over and The Kill. The Communion just get better and better, exploring their new material with cojones intact, while the Oz bands, being a rare treat headed for Maryland death fest, must not be missed—both bands easily embody that which is the power of truth, making weird, fucked-up phenomenal grindcore that easily and casually redefines the genre, and uh, makes you want to bore through a concrete wall head first.

Back to this week's show, notices on the playlist for perennial favorites Beherit, UK grind/noise monsters Cthulhu Youth, the now-rare Dais release by Whip and the Body, and post-Burzum frozen-north atmospherist Brocken Moon. 'Twas a show of shows, and the regulars and visitors were alive with pleasure on the playlist, much appreciated! To hear the full 3-hour archive of the weekly horrorcast, click on the ominous and grammatically imbalanced headstone up top.

So that be the answer to the question, "SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT?" - and it's a multifold answer, to make the banker across from SF Spike's office close his door in dismissive repulsion, to continue to plant the seeds that grow the obscure nation of fringe, "extreme" music lovers bit by bit, to be the Burgess Meredith with the now-broken glasses for all the other Burgess Merediths with now-broken glasses out there. Well put? Hope so, 'cause I'm keeping it brief this week, and the "no-typing" mittens are close at hand.

NEXT WEEK - improvisor, deconstructor, noise-collagist Rust Worship, performing absolutely LIVE for Castle listeners. Berger out!