Friday, May 27, 2011

come deadly

Hide your scars, Barbara, under that swooping bang—I will love you still. The rot you endeavor to conceal only seasons your magnetic beauty. Barbara Steele is the everywoman of gothic horror film—alluring, mysterious, sexy, vengeful, cloying, scheming, and most importantly, looks great even beyond death—like every woman I have or ever will love.

Paul Haney, as Rust Worship, turned in the performance of performances—a rolling, sonic masterpiece, that reveals new layers and subtleties with each listen. He's worked hard, gigged often, and continues to do so even as I type this. That mighty Rust Worship set, like several walks through several graveyards at twilight, will post to WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive in 1-2 weeks' time, as I listen and review, and craft the praise-filled, analytical text that will accompany. Serious thanks are due, both to Paul, and engineer Bob Bellerue, for making the magic happen. In the meantime, one can hear the Rust Worship set, incorporate in the three-hour horrorcast™, by clicking on the image of lovely-even-in-death Barbara above. For an overview of all the live music and special music programming I've presented on The Castle since 2009, you can visit my curator portal at the FMA, and trek backward through the abundance of posts there.

What else? Australian grindcore, for one. Tracks by The Kill and Doubled Over "made" the horrorcast, as they made my personal week this past; they're on to something there in Oz. My suggestion? Grab whatever you can find by these bands, The Kill having several releases out, and were bound for Maryland Deathfest when I saw them (today in the "main room" @ 4:10 p.m.), and Doubled Over a remarkable split 7" with Roskopp.

Noting personal favorites, the Decimus LP side which opened our show this week (Pat M., with any luck, will bring the project to Castle airwaves this summer), the Nondor Nevai LP continues to dazzle and mystify, the new Facialmess tape on Rainbow Bridge is a killer, the debut Lady Piss LP is massive (look for a summer Castle visit from them as well), and just about anything on House of Alchemy is worth yours or my time. Great shit all around; I love doing this show—can you tell?

Oh Barbara, Barbara, how ultimate the woman you are—I could sharpen my knives on your hips, and lose myself times over in your eyes. If not for you, would there even be a Castle? Sure, perhaps, but a palmist/ reader once told me that it would be the women in my life that would guide my path, and in my fantasy, you are one of them.

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