Saturday, April 2, 2011


She seems to be saying, "Yeah, I'm a zombie. Love me anyway, you big jerk." Looks like being a zombie is just one big bad hair day. 'Course, the silver crumble on her face is actually kind of cute, but, as JW once said, I'd "have anyone."

Word to Art Schnurple - you turned a few heads on the playlist this week, and that's good; when FACIALMESS comments, "SICK TRACK!!" one had better feel honored, as FACIALMESS pretty much invented sick tracks. Also noted were Norway's Detritivore, who've crafted a decidedly different kind of black metal/noise album...and that dynamite Kakerlak side of the split picture disc with Macronympha (That release is a fucking hit. Go Dada Drumming!)

Good shit. I always have fun.

That's all for now. Last week's Long Distance Poison set coming very soon, in mp3 format.
I'm old, and in need of a lie-down.
Last time? Fingers crossed.

Click on the zombie dream date above, to see the playlist and access the audio archive of this week's Castle show.