Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Rear Bumper and Trunk

As I tool around Northern NJ and NYC, my car reflects wanton lust for all manner of transgressive culture. It's a wonder that I'm not subject to random stops and beatings by the local authorities.

The oldest stickers are on the far right and left; Blasphemy's man-goat and Obituary's pile of skulls. What remains are two nods to Relapse Records, and one apiece to Robot vs. Rabbit (the Rasputin image), FUN, The Rita, Harrassor, Hivesmasher, WFMU, a very thin strip that says "PIG DESTROYER," Regimental Records, The Free Music Archive, Sissy Spacek, aTelecine, Bastardised (now Universal Consciousness), Tasty Soil, Gnaw Their Tongues, Important Records, Rainbow Bridge,, (Pendu NYC), and Baked Tapes.

I still have room! Send me your sticker!

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