Friday, April 8, 2011

Ok, I see, a denial, a denial, a denial, a denial, a denial. ... Another great show, another great night on The Castle. ...

Why thank you, Rory. I align my fingertips like a Bond villain. Extremely pleased with last night's roar, rumble and shriek. I've said this before, though I often forget, and then return to it—a blast of punk, grind, sometimes archival crust punches starts the show off well each week. Must do it always, except those weeks when I feel like leading with a 20-min. Sickness album side, which might be next week. Instant contradiction. Still, this aggressive burst helps listeners and myself settle in, get charged up—ready release, instant gratification. I'm told often (by friends, family and healthcare professionals) that I obsess on instant gratification somewhat more than the average person. Part of what can make the Castle good, I guess; from the on-wall and private messages I rec'd last night, I'm doing okay.

So... Circle Jerks' Group Sex, always good for a spin. I heard this album first on WPRB's Sunday-into-Monday 12-5 a.m. punk show; must have been running when I was in Jr. High. Some of these songs still awe me. Ives, a current fave, more often than not causing a stir on the playlist—great, Florida crust-black. Australia's PortalSwarth may be my favorite full length of theirs' thus far, Portal's deftly held-together tuberculosis chaos growing more astounding with each record. What else, what else??? The new Burmese. The theme from Sekirei. Aaron Dilloway's Spine Scavenger, always a favorite. (mta) Tony and I rapped about the growing discourtesy in our society, 'tis true.

Above hovers the doc. (Not to be confused with "The D.O.C.") This is a "licensed" physician, gripping your fate, to be decided by the sweep of a pen, mostly. That's ok, I'm too sort of not feeling good to worry right now about the gatekeeper's keys, and that door slamming shut behind me. I'll hop the fence (or hope the fence) when the time calls.

I've been turned on to so much great music of late, new and reissued, I must also note my personal favorites on last night's list >>> Solid Attitude new 7" (buy the record, it's that good) | Lake of Blood | the Lovecraft-obsessed Brown Jenkins | Hell | Occultation | Jason Zeh & David Reed | new Lussuria | Demonologists, and everything I played, really. This is what I do, every week—attempt the best possible radio broadcast, based on my own unique filter and faves of the moment, which I guess is what many of us WFMU stalwarts do.

In two weeks—CASTEVET, live!


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