Friday, April 29, 2011

jesus, william, i'm trying to do some work here...

Here in this archival photograph, one A. "Pop" Phagus seems to be saying, "you think you got me? No, I GOT ME!" A reclamation of one's own demise, of such pulchritude, has rarely if ever been seen. A man already possessed of nothing left to lose cannot really ever be "bested" in battle, only exterminated.

We waxed, unflinchingly for two hours, accelerator stuck, and then a glorious wane for the final hour, which included the outstanding new Shingles tape (our friend Jesse from Grasshopper; on the 905 Tapes label), and a live track by Demonologists (indeed, SiHV!) from a compilation on Teen Action Records.

Which brings this thought to mind (as a Demonologists record on the Prison Tatt label lurks somewhere in the future) >>> in order to preserve my ability to do a WFMU show, and WFMU's not-for-profit status in general, I need to keep the business of the radio show and that of Prison Tatt records as separate as possible. I will not be airing my own releases, nor will I discuss Prison Tatt-related matters on the air. See the site linked at the start of this paragraph for information on Prison Tatt (and yes, the Dhampyr CD, White Fire Laudanum, is newly released and available.)

I'm off now to play a set with Terrier, on a bill that includes the great Sick Llama, at Port d'Or in Brooklyn, USA. Gotta make time for the traffic (now there's horror!) and I'll see you all next week! More info here.

And oh yeah, click on A. Phagus to get to the playlist and audio archive of our three-hour weekly horrorcast™.