Friday, April 22, 2011

Riff on all you young dudes, RIFF On! Rage against the coming of the day. Ply your trades of musicianry!


And I would add... that in their wisdom, Castevet have not ignored or shunned any of the potential arteries that might empower them. Yes, it's definitely black metal—but when you've heard as much music as myself, and the members of Castevet—it's also Yes, Magma, Ligeti, and post-hardcore apocalypse rock like Fugazi and Godspeed You Black Emperor!, among so many other things. The portions feed a new whole. To the listener go the spoils, I guess, and the more prepared you are for the rhythmic twists and turns, and the fluid complexities of rhythm and timbre, that a band like Castevet offer, the more enjoyment for your ride and bang for your buck.

Castevet played to a praiseful playlist, and their set is sure to be a favorite on the Free Music Archive and WFMU's Beware of The Blog, where the tracks will post as mp3s in less than a fortnight. Deepest thanks to Ian, Josh and Andrew for whipping it out, and for engaging me in one of the more esoteric discussions I've had on black metal in some time. For now, you cna hear the entire 3-hour horrorcast™ by clicking on that sad pier above.

The boats they go, then come back empty. The polished hair and porcelain skin of the young maidens that travel out—never to be seen again. They have worn their finest, every nuance of their youthful perfection in place, and for what??? TO WHAT?!?!?!

Also a big hit with Castleheads last night were the lengthy orchestral/synth piece by the multi-talented Moloch, quickly becoming one of the most interesting one-man BM projects on the globe, as well as tracks by Demons (reissue from 2007) and the hypnotic pounding in the dark of Clandestine Blaze.

Past the windmills lie a world no young woman should have to endure ... a horror beyond belief.