Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yes, more torture! ... your the master of the macabre!
"@Wm. you are more than a 'weekly DJ' ya fuckin plunker!" ... It was a super-lively Accuplayist last night, which I deeply enjoy! Generally speaking, the more the merrier, irreverence welcomed. My boy Risky was alive with garrulous support! ...As were many others, Listener Howard in Portland, Listener coelacanth (I keep meaning to play that old track by Shriekback, by the way; one of my favorites of theirs), newly appointed My Castle of Quiet MVP hola-soymilk, Listener/friend/former co-host tracy, and my WFMU colleague bennett4senate, among several others!

Following a GREAT Dave Hill show, and a brief meeting / conversation with one of my NYC-punk heroes, Adny Shernoff of The Dictators (who was Dave's guest, along with my old pal Danny Hellman), a great, 30-minute track by Venowl set the evil, tortuous tone, opening the horrorcast™ like Abruprum meets Missing Foundation, and receiving much praise on our playlist. I have meant for a long time to more deeply investigate / absorb the works of Venowl, and as I went just now to their bandcamp page to link it, what did I find but THIS, their not-for-sale interpretation / "mashup" using the works of Morton Feldman, my all-time favorite composer of the 20th Century, "New York School." So, Venowl are up to some very deep stuff, and that split tape on Black Horizons with Jute Gyte is a definite winner.

Also snagging praise on our playlist, venerate-veteran black metal from Wehrhammer from the unstoppable Der Befehl album (thanks to Todd HG for the burn!); and a Husk tape track from Harassor, who also have an amazing new vinyl split out with Glass Coffin (more from that in the weeks to come!)

I copped some White Castle (last time, I swear) and went home and watched Michael Bay's Pain and Gain, and you know what? I always make much fun of Mickael Bay but this one was pretty damn entertaining! Boy, that Rock can act!

Up in just two weeks, the return of our very good friends Grasshopper!

In the meantime, you stream last night's archive, a pretty dark and swirling show if I say so myself, by clicking on "Private 'Pyle' Lawrence," above, whose unabated malice will take you to the archive page and playlist and comments.