Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Castle of Quiet names new MVP, for 2014 and beyond!

Our last My Castle of Quiet Most Valuable Player title was awarded in 2009, to Josh Millrod, of Grasshopper, and subsequently Hex Breaker Quintet. You can read the full post here. Grasshopper will be joining us in just two weeks, in a triumphant  live  return to the horrorcast™ (Ghop were the second-ever band to play on My Castle of Quiet, and never fail to make huge waves in our playlist.)

Even as presenter, I myself am not fully aware of the process that results in my naming of an MVP, but I know that it has to do with a variety of perceptions, on my end: An exuberant character and a rare personal energy on the part of the recipient, fandom / active participation in the My Castle of Quiet radio program (either as performer, supporter / listener, friend), a rare and inimitable wit that makes me laugh, never overstating itself, and finally, and most symbolically relevant, the presentation from myself to another human of an unusual hat.

This is not an award that is scheduled, or presented annually or at any sort of regular intervals; it has to do with your host and author being most inspired by the actions of the recipient, and that notion arising quite naturally that it's time to change the "status" as it were, and name a new MVP.

So, without further exposition, MCoQ's 2014 Most Valuable Player is Samantha Fahey, of Chicago, USA. Above, she sports one of the custom hats created and presented to me by Future Death Toll (my live musical guests several weeks ago; see video of their set at that YT link) -Samie thereby solidifying the presentation and claiming her title. These ARE exciting times.

Why? Because Samie is our newest in a now long-ish line of enthusiastic supporters (MCoQ cannot boast the sheer numbers of many of the more-popular WFMU shows, but it can boast that our listeners are tuned in and focused—something about the radio show speaks to them on a primal, human level—and My Castle of Quiet fastly becomes their favorite, or one of their top-favorite shows on WFMU. It takes a unique kind of person to ken what happens every week for three hours on My Castle of Quiet, to like the music in a big way, and to "get" my dubious, obscure charms on the microphone, and et cetera.

Congratulations, Samie! Samantha! You're the coolest, and My Castle of Quiet loves you back! Keep listening and keep chiming in on that Comments board. Please!

And if this doesn't really say it all, as I was typing this post, here's Samie's Tweet that went up in the interval:
I think I'm a little too excited for the Goddamn @mrdavehill Show and@Mycastleofquiet tonight *masturbates furiously* cc: @QuizGuy66

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