Saturday, May 31, 2014

STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER ... pre-title sequence and main titles

While not the greatest film by many a mile; many better Giallo-genre films were made at this time, the very height of the Italian sex-thriller cinema machine (1975.) Still, something inspired me to capture and share with you this odd, pre-title sequence, and the main-title street scenes, with music about as groovy as Giallo scores ever get (music by Berto Pisano.) ...No one was looking to outdo The Bird With the Crystal Plumage or anything, but the sense one gets form most Giallos is that there was a "the weirder, the better" standard, both in scripts and visuals. So enjoy! Though not depicted here, Strip Nude... stars the lovely and alluring Edwige Fenech.

...Known in Italy as Nude per l'assassino, director Andrea Bianchi also directed, and is perhaps most notable for creating the exceptionally bizarre Burial Ground (also scored by Pisano), a zombie drama that's as much laughable as it is fascinating—overall poor makeup and effects, but with such oddly fascinating scenarios as to rival the most clunky of Jean Rollin films. Yes, Burial Ground is the one where the odd-sized man child (who kind of looks like a young Mark E. Smith, to be completely frank) is still nursing his mother as an adult, and well, towards the end, the film becomes one giant, pro-weaning PSA, as the little man/boy becomes zombified, and in her attempts to soothe his panic, Mom gets her own breast quite brutally gnawed off! Clearly, as with the opening scene here, this director had some gruesome visions to share on the mother / child dynamic. ...