Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I've been waiting here for 13 agonizing minutes
Well, despite a total fumble of a startoff, and I won't lay blame, as everyone was trying to get me on the air, myself included, and it was a combine of tech problems / misunderstandings, the show last night still damn fine in retrospect. (The lost 13 minutes at the head pitted me in a funk that I didn't really break out of until this morning, when I listened to the show archive and realized how rough, ready and spitting it truly was!)

Our guests, Through Thorn and Brier, did what they came to do and played a LOUD, punchy, well-rehearsed set, with some more kudos and appreciation filtering in today, once people had a chance to hear our archive (linked above, under "witch breasts w/ rotting Bishop of Lust.")

Distinctions also on our playlist comments for DiE (hardcore from the UK; thanks to Reed D. for playing it first!- my EP just arrived in the mail today...always great to see one of those golden "Royal Mail" stickers); the new Fatalism on Eternal Death (note "Jean Rollin Beach" cover artwork!); and a great compilation track by Fear Konstruktor from this amazing 3x cassette set on Black Horizons, Music To Accompany The Films of Ingmar Bergman.

Not much to add at this moment, just having kind of a reluctant, lonely, slow-to-emerge Spring (i.e., I really wouldn't mind taking the Bishop of Lust's place in that scene above—I need a little out-of-the-house fun, another adult to mind-meld with, etc.) But I hold my own self back; that's another story.

What YOU need to know is that the end of this month means the end of the current WFMU schedule, and for us specifically, the return of Grasshopper! Their sound is always a triumph, their releases varied but all revelatory, and they've not been with us since Summer 2009 (I still love my Zombi animated gif!, almost five years (though Josh and Jesse have appeared on the show in the interim with other projects.) So get ready for THAT on our 5/27-28 horrorcast™.

Love and Nightmares, thanks as always for listening, Wm.

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