Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I expect to be tortured into a sobbing worthless wreck

Starting on a wholly personal note, unrelated to the radio or music, I have of late been "re-learning" how to need people again, connect with friends etc. I've been an intense hermit for some time now; honestly, it feels off and one becomes uncomfortably disoriented, or at least I do. But connecting with others, your special people, and I know some pretty special ones—it's a slippery slope, spending some quality time with just one or two great people can remind you how truly alone you are most of / the rest of the time. It's a lot like sex, unfortunately! -the more you get, the more you want. Just a fact.

I never fail to see the negative—you could say if you were being judgmental—but shit, I used to be surrounded by people, for so much of my life! Moving also from one relationship into the next for so long, I forget what it's like to not have a woman around, but the last few years have (somewhat cruelly) reminded me about all the sleeping and waking and meals alone. Relative freedom is not a bad thing for a while, but everyone gets to missing that someone that grounds you in the world; I think it's only natural. ...Getting back to the radio, these are the things that I think about as I make my way to Jersey City every week, feeling like all this music, and by extension the films we discuss, really deserve to be shared with someone, and it's a big part of the reason that I keep doing My Castle of Quiet on the radio; always finding my tribe, in increasing numbers. Castle listeners are a rare breed, and in one sense, I'm NEVER alone on a Tuesday night. ...

As to great solo activities, I came home last night after the show, always keyed up, and watched Part I of the new Lars Von Trier film, Nymph()maniac. It was so very rich, impressive to me in a big way, and I haven't really embraced a Von Trier film since Dogville, or perhaps The Boss of It All. But, Nymph()... is better than those even—full, brutal, and broad in spectrum, similar to a work like the director's Kingdom series. To those who share my taste in film, it's HIGHLY recommended. I find his paths of storytelling very much like the way my own mind works, easy to grasp for me, challenging but incredibly stimulating at the same time...though it's dubious as to whether that's a compliment to either myself or the director. An excerpt from the new Zaklanie / Swamp Horse split cassette, also on Husk, also outstanding! The best work I've yet heard from this Russian project (Zaklanie, that is.).

Getting back to last night's horrorcast™, there was a lot to love, including the ever-present Haare, from his Doomsday Sunrise cassette on Cathartic Process. Listeners commented on the track by L.A.'s Tearist, who have become a favorite of mine in the neo-beat-based-cold-wave genre, as dirty as that seems, and not to tarnish the Satanic, horror-fueled vibes of the show, but the sound's been revived for some time now, such that some really good artists are emerging. I heartily recommend all their releases, downloadable at that linked page.

Also in the comments were Forgot from Russia, on the intriguing Soloshin S.N. cassette label; Alraune, from their two-song cs on Graceless Recordingsfull-length coming on Profound Lore very soon. Oh, and someone thought Glass Coffin sounded like "surf metal"—I suppose; it's definitely "twangy," in a dank, cobwebbed-basement sort of way. The new split LP with Harassor is outstanding.

To reach the audio archive and playlist for last night's horrorcast, click on the lovely Shir, from the inventive and richly humorous 2010 Israeli horror film Kalevet (Rabies.) It's a festival of bad behavior!

Next week, don't miss the return of Grasshopper; LIVE!

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