Monday, February 6, 2012

What I Would Have Played...

Some great music has been coloring my last few weeks, so in the absence of a Castle broadcast last Thu./Fri. (though Jeff Mullan did a fantabulous job filling in!), I'll bring you up to date.

A few new purchases from the Seed Stock store turned out to all be relatively new Legion Blotan releases, to my naïve surprise; they're all exceptional and will receive airplay on the show in the coming weeks. They are: a new cassette, "Demo I," by Unkerd Wood, a split 7" by Myrrdin and Instinct, and perhaps my favorite of the lot, a new 7" by Styggmr, both sides wholly original and thoroughly amazing. See here for a list of upcoming releases on LB, which has emerged as one of the premier labels for truly underground black metal (that Satanhartalt LP looks particularly tasty!)

New releases from Regimental Records (geographically close to the MCoQ / Prison Tatt HQ in nearby Clifton, NJ) make up a fairly flawless batch as well, including the new, not-to-be-missed 3-song epic by N.i.l. (also NJ natives), and a new CD of throbbing, dark black by Grafvolluth, featuring members of Lussuria and Regimental staff, which leads us to an appearance by the band on The Castle this coming Spring. Also new on Regimental, the new CD by Kama Rupa, a wild, mass-collage, of orchestral proportions; a new CD and LP by Pestis (from the Netherlands) of hammering, catchy, full-throttle black (the vinyl being well worth it, both for that warm sonic quality that the format provides, as well as the orange/red/yellow swirl-colored vinyl); all this, and a double-A-sided single by Nordafrost.

Also dazzling are two new releases from Rhinocervs, the debut demo CS by Nihilobstat (first run already sold out), a crushing black/doom/basement charge, falling somewhere between Defuntos, and a heady dose of Apocalypse Rock à la German Oak. Also on the label, and well worth owning, is a split 7" by two of the most-watched SoCal black metal projects of now, both bands enthralling, unique and challenging for completely different reasons, Odz Manouk and Absum.

What else? Some things that I've touched upon in previous weeks, with only more to come, like the two new releases on No Visible ScarsDeath Factory's Machinen Unter Kontrolle, brain-boggling, high-volume power collage; and M. Todd and L. Kerr's CD of insidious, quietly powered instrumental pieces, not a drone record, more a haunting build of dissonant layers of eerie sound.

The split LP between Will Over Matter (a solo side-project of Harald from Ride for Revenge) and Bizarre Uproar (click to their homepage—a real treat) is the finest slab of intense, lingering hard-noise-improv I've yet heard this year (thanks to Todd W. for sharing.) (Bestial Burst/Filth and Violence.)

Oneiric Rings on Grey Velvet by Philippe Petit (see up top) is an amazing work, we've heard a few tracks in weeks previous; it somehow pays noticeable sonic homage to the giallo film soundtracks, while still being a work of great originality and power all its own. (Aagoo Records.) Look for Philippe to also visit The Castle this Spring.

Last but never least, two releases from the metal stalwart Paragon Records; the 2009 masterpiece by Aetherius Obscuritas, Black Medicine / Fekete Orvosság, an accomplished and sophisticated black-metal opus, in a manner similar to the best works of Horna and Deathspell Omega; and From Glory to Infinity (also 2009), another complex-yet-brutal work from Faust, the not-often-heard-from death metal outfit from Italy. These last two releases will be heard soon on the show, though I cannot place special emphasis upon them for the moment, as far as the radio show goes, as they are available in very limited supply (4 pcs. each title) from the Prison Tatt distro, as well as from Paragon.

Thanks for reading; I'll be back this week with a new My Castle of Quiet radio program.

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