Friday, February 17, 2012

Pure tongue gnashing pleasure.

Somehow that sounds like a cigarette ad, two young couples on a catamaran; it's an unbelievably beautiful day. That's not my life, probably not yours, either, though I do gnash my tongue.

So, howABOUT that Volkl tape? Really pretty goddamn special. Lussuria + Husere Grav = I tremble and hoard my breath, as though in a trap, but the air is open all around me. I know at this moment what it is to suffocate—and it's horrible. Musically, enjoyable. That about sums it up.

The Nihilobstat (on Rhinocervs) and Satanhartalt (Legion Blotan) tapes can be endlessly explored, it seems. Californians DARGAR also seem to have joined that club, with one single play from their s/t record. A very unique sound indeed. And well Custodian harrrrsh noise is pretty fuckin' unbelievable; the set they shared with Volkl, Absum et al. was rip-roaring, and I'm happy to know that listeners got happily lost in the crush as well.

NRIII's full-length from last year, Solus Patior, continues to be a source for new discoveries, and the more I listen the more I realize that there really is no one making music quite NRIII. The Lego Feet reissue inspired a positive discourse, which I didn't expect, as the last time I tried to play something vaguely Skam-ish there was a fairly heavy "techno sucks" cotillion on the playlist. Ah, but we've grown, together, haven't we? All at once, I was taken back to the exciting days of waiting for the new Skam 12" to hit the street. I still have all mine! They did not go the way of drug money! Last but never least on the appreciation list (because we all love the entire show, don't we?) was Jesse DeRosa's Shingles project from an all-around great new split release on Tranquility Tapes; expect to hear the Spectrum Tickets side soon.

So, that was the horrorcast™. Our title suggested that one be on one's guard, "always," but our screen capture seemed to encourage willful bondage. Contradictions, always contradictions. So click on the couple, above, to reach the playlist and audio archive from last night.

Next week, it's big marathon show #1, with the always-amazing Diane Kamikaze co-hosting, running the phone room, and generally keeping the energy moving. We make good team, yes? Also watch this space for more info on my premium CDr (for anyone who pledges $75 or more during either of my marathon shifts, or to my show in general); I don't mind saying I'm really pleased with all of the exclusive, new material I was able to shake out of some of MCoQ's favorite artists.

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