Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Depicted Below; Harvey Glatman, NOT a My Castle of Quiet Supporter.

Mama Pajama rolled outta bed, and she ran to the po-lice station. When The Papa found out, he began to shout, and started the investigation. Not enough people were contributing to My Castle of Quiet! It wasn't exactly against the law. What dee Spapa saw. Naw. But just ask Harvey Glatman how it worked out for him.

All year 'round, your host and author got lots of love from dozens of listeners, the show grew in strength and popularity, but still, when marathon time came, MCoQ always made a fair-to-poor showing. With the acknowledgement that some listeners thus far HAVE contributed very generously, and I extend to them my heartiest thanks, a show as weird and unique as My Castle of Quiet needs an inordinately strong show of support. As a piece of the massive independent-broadcasting puzzle that is WFMU, we have proved that we are legion, that we go by many names, and that the show breeds and attracts its very own special type of bent audience. It's understood, from this chair, that underground-metal people, and "noise" people, are perhaps not the most moneyed population in WFMU's listening audience (Azazel knows, your very host fits into that category), but still, give what you can, please, as now is the time. There is not another show on FM radio quite like The Castle, and if you are in a position where you can afford to show your appreciation in terms of a pledge, this is it.

This week's show (Thursday night/Fri. a.m.) will be your last chance, for WFMU's 2012 Marathon at least, to show support specifically for MCoQ, in the form of pledge dollars, and/or to pledge for that very special marathon premium CDr, In the Dark, There Are Fingers That Grab, with exclusive, unreleased tracks by Glass Coffin, NRIII, Malkuth, Daath Valley, Lea Bertucci, Mr. Matthews, Grasshopper, Kavra, Lord Time, Harassor, Demonologists, Decimus, FUN, Moonknight, Enslaved By Owls, and Wretched Worst. It's quite the collection, I worked hard on it, and in the end, apart from the artists, there may be a dozen or fewer folks that actually own a copy. Go on, make me proud, just for the hell of it. I'm an old man, my salad days way behind me, and this radio program, and a few other significant things, are all I've got to show for 47 years of dedication to the music I love (and yes, I'm counting from DAY ONE, haha.) So listeners, friends, labels, artists, and other assorted devotees of The Castle, you know what I'm asking.

That's it, essentially. I'm done pleading, and next week, thankfully, things at The Castle go back to normal. In fact, in a mere two weeks, on the 3/15 show, you can count on a live appearance from none other than Wretched Worst (a band close to all our hearts.)

My very special co-host tomorrow night is none other than WFMU's notorious Professor Dum Dum. An hilarious time is guaranteed for all who participate, and all who listen. I hope to hear your name, with a "thanks" in front of it, read aloud tomorrow night.