Friday, February 24, 2012

1. Worship Satan. 2. Pledge. Repeat.

A gracious, monstrous, mighty sick and mighty hot THANKS to all of you who pledged to last night's My Castle of Quiet horrorcast™. About mid-way through the program, I set a shift goal of $3,000—a bit ambitious, perhaps, but I would always rather allow the patrons to show ME where the ceiling is, rather than say, "here's the ceiling." Too late, I did it, and as it was, we didn't make it, but we did do very well, for a show broadcasting after midnight in the EST block especially. My bottomless gratitude to every generous pledger who dug deep, and showed myself, the world, and WFMU what The Castle means to you. We also distributed some mighty special prizes in the process—new releases on Gilead Media, and the DVD of Mystics in Bali, to name but a few. (Mystics YT clip; prepare yourself for the most-gaudy witch laugh in contemporary film.)

A very special Castle blessing of sorts (our sort) to listener SiHV and family, who managed to survive a car wreck mere hours before we went on air. SiHV also managed to check in with a very generous pledge, despite the incident, and walked away with the new Barghest LP, not to mention WFMU and My Castle of Quiet's deepest gratitude for his contribution made under duress.

Tremendous thanks also to Diane Kamikaze Farris, for co-hosting with me in the veritable wasteland of the late night. I'll be returning the flavor by MC'ing Diane's show this coming Thursday afternoon, from Noon-3 on WFMU. Diane's premium CD is a winner, and has been dominating my car stereo for the last week or so. Make sure to tune in.

And speaking of premiums, a few of you pledged to receive a copy of MCoQ's kustom CDr compilation, In the Dark, There Are Fingers That Grab, My Castle of Quiet companion #3, a collection of all-exclusive, new material from a hearty host of Castle-favored artists. More infos here and here. Only the few, the brave, the less-broke of us, those with $75 or more to spare for WFMU and MCoQ, will be receiving a copy of this select corpus, of which I'm quite proud. Please, we need more premium-sized pledges, and I'd like (as would the artists) to see this collection get out there some more, as it really is a dazzler, and I'm extremely grateful to all the artists who donated their talents to make this disc something more than a mere gathering of my personal favorites, but instead, a tome of Castle who's who of this moment in historical time.

So, on to next week, when my co-host will be the outrageous and sharp-witted Professor Dum Dum, sure to keep myself and Castleheads on our collective toes. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope to hear of thee there.

All in all, Diane and I managed to entertain, in the midst of rousing the faithful, and pulled off an entertaining broadcast in the process, if I say so myself, and I do. Click on the image of the evil forest ranger Asmosdeus, and the doomed Susan, up above, to hear the archive, and view the playlist and comments for this week's special-fundraising-edition horrorcast.

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