Sunday, January 29, 2012

Long Distance Poison - The Shores of Titan; free mini-album!

Long Distance Poison—a favorite not only of the My Castle of Quiet radio program, but of NY show-goers throughout the boroughs, as well as the Prison Tatt record label. Their forthcoming one-sided LP for the label, "The Bog Nebula," is coming soon. Yours truly was also gratified to provide liner notes (my first!) for the band's upcoming Signals to a Habitable Zone LP and experimental-music project. Their Sisu, a conceptual collaboration between myself and the band, was a highlight of last year's live-music array on The Castle. It was also quite enjoyable on many levels to watch time STOP for noise-heads and metalheads alike, as the band performed their stunning set at Prison Tatt's live-music showcase #1 (especially seeing as LDP are really neither a noise project nor a metal project; see the video embedded in that linked post.) By fitting in nowhere precisely, they succeed in fitting in everywhere potentially, and their fan base just seems to grow.

Recalling, both sonically and spiritually, electronic-music collectives from every era, everyone from White Noise, Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. and Tangerine Dream, to John Carpenter's film soundtracks and Manuel Gottsching and Michael Hoenig's 70s long-form explorations, LDP have succeeded in pleasing and attracting a wide array of happy followers, and not least of all in that appeal is their proclivity to occasionally just give their music away, as we find in The Shores of Titan, a one-track mini-album, comprised of the 23-and-one-half-minute piece, "Imposters" offered via Soundcloud, and embedded below for easy, in-browser listening, but also downloadable for saving and such.

Thanks, LDP!

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