Friday, January 27, 2012

Office-high-five palette cleanser.

Anything I can do to help—quite seriously—to wash away the tedious and cringe-inducing norms of the workplace. It's all quite accepted, and largely goes unnoticed, save by you, the Castlehead who says, "THIS WILL NOT STAND!" Well, of course, it will, but you can complain to me, and I'm a more than sympathetic ear. That opening set of cream-of-the-crop doom was somewhat formulated with YOU in mind, SiHV, so take that for the appreciative nod it was meant to be. Tracks from Moloch, Thou, Ride For Revenge (new full-length Under the Eye), Aluk Todolo, and Utarm, all pieced together like a doom set of matryoshka nesting dolls.

Also, some playlist comments (and much appreciation from your DJ) for a track by Nihilobstat, from a new, self-titled tape (first press already OOP) on the Rhinocervs label. Gorgeously turgid and bleak, and hopefully going for a second press, as I'd like to actually own the tape, rather than play a downloaded burn. Some of these editions are so ridiculously slim, and I took it upon myself to write a (polite) email to Rhinocervs, letting them know that there was an acute interest in a second edition.

Kavra, our friends from the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, got labeled "soothing" of all things, though it's been said that a lot of this heavy music we all revel in at The Castle does have pacifying properties for the right formulation of mood and psyche in certain, select individuals. Indeed!

Playlist big-ups for Castle favorites Wretched Worst (appearing live March 15!) and Moonknight (both of those artists have contributed exclusive tracks to this year's MCoQ WFMU 2012 Marathon premium CDr), and of course, the great new LP on Throne Heap by Sewer Election.

See you in two weeks; the highly capable, free-form superhero Jeff Mullan fills in next week, as I'm off to see Dust Belt and Dual Action (K.P. solo projects) as part of two weeks' of Hospital Productions-curated shows at The Stone in NYC.

Click on that eye-poppin' VHS clamshell art for Eddie Romero's Mad Doctor of Blood Island above, to access the audio archive and playlist for last night's horrorcast™.

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