Friday, January 6, 2012

I hate sequels.

I want you all to read the movies and music year-end post above, so I'll keep this short. I always enjoy doing the My Castle of Quiet radio program, and perhaps I've come to take the opportunity for granted. I throw words around like firebrands, and I fail to consider that other people are sensitive as well. I've already suffered tremendous loss in my personal life, due to "bad behavior," and I certainly hope that it stops here. There's few things I value more every week, than bringing you three hours of horror-umbrella'd music, audio and talk—my time with my son being the one thing that rises above all else.

So, what did you like this week, enough to comment upon? The Ov / Pleasure cassette; buy yours from Primal Vomit Records here. The new Nuit Noire CD; buy direct from the band at their myspace page, or write; The new Dead Reptile Shrine double LP on Weird Forest; A.M.S.G., the dirty devil-worshipers; the Menagerie of Suffering v/a compilation from Grimtown Records (free download!); of course, a Castle favorite - Lussuria; and the Rife cassette on Legion Blotan (Rife on YouTube.)

Thanks as always for tuning in, and for your comments. Now please read my year-end list, and get back to me with your thoughts and opinions. Much appreciated. Link to this week's archives and playlist by clicking on the messy, damned soul up top.


  1. The blog and the one above has been the best blog(s)I have read by you so far. Being that I am a fan of all things horror, it is good to read others reviews on classics that you mentioned. I haven't seen the movies you mentioned, but it is something that I might have to reconsider. To me, I really didn't know if it was worth the time or money to watch them, but now there are a few that you mentioned that I might have to rent (granted I would have to watch them when everyone in the house is asleep because they are either to young-my five year old daughter- or too old not to be interested- my mother and grandmother). 2011, you introducted me to bands that I didn't know really existed and I thank you for that! Hope you have a great 2012!

  2. Thanks a ton, Tracie! It's good to know that people are reading and appreciating, considering the work I put into research and writing. I have a young son, too, so I have to be careful what I put on when he's here. Those Findlay films are weird as hell, and worth looking up, too. It's also always a challenge, sifting through all the modern horror releases (many of which are either weak or derivative) to find the gold each year. Again, thanks!