Friday, January 20, 2012

You know I am bumping the ill conceived jams.

And by ill-conceived, I am sure that Osvi meant, "conceived while illin'," or otherwise born of a state of dysphoria. Rather than "conceived poorly," or without forethought. Of course.

Get ready, because I have a question for the lapsed Catholics in the MCoQ listening / reading audience—one I've wanted answered for years. I could just look it up, hell, you can look up ANYTHING these days, but I thought it might be more fun to get some more-personalized, non-Wikipedia-type answers. Here goes—what is a Sacristan? Or rather, who is the Sacristan?

I ask because, in Michele Soavi's film The Church, one of my top-ten Italian horror offerings of all time, that frightening little critter up above is what the Sacristan in the story becomes. The character seems to be the caretaker of the church, though with no ecclesiastic power bestowed upon him, and he also plays abusive Dad to Asia Argento's character, so maybe he had that demonic transformation coming after all. "The Sacristan!" "The Sacristan's gone mad!" Well, who the hell IS he?

Many heaps of praise on last night's playlist for my choices, and for the show in general, on a week when I especially needed it, so thanks Castleheads. Your wanton praise and participation via the comments board is always, always appreciated by yours truly.

I had several weeks of accumulated punk / black / thrash / hardcore welling up inside of me, so the show's first hour was made up of that blast of energy, kicked-off by The Who's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," a John Entwistle song and a long-time favorite of mine, retrieved from the memory banks thanks to the BBC Jekyll show, its first and only series, a decent little piece of entertainment, though far from flawless.

Many of you reveled in the blast of 'core, including tracks by Axnaar, Vordr, and a great many others, in addition to enjoying the pressure wave of chunky, mind-warping collage noise that followed later on, from the likes of K.P., Dust Belt (a K.P. side project), Death Factory and others.

Upstate NY was representing hard, King Penguin even giving us a play-by-play of his journey by car listening in to The Castle (we were a bit concerned, as driving conditions were far from ideal.) How oddly gratifying to have this group of beautiful humans who have rallied around the show, and who I've come to care about, their weekly comments filling a necessary void, and making the show feel more like a community, than a presentation for a passive, impartial audience. Many thanks to you all!

Back next week with more thoughtfully structured mayhem.
Thanks for tuning in!


  1. Hello Wm. You play many, many great cuts each & every week; My Solid Ground, Nekropolis, & Neptune Towers, for instance -- enlightening (introducing) to my ears! Traversing the realms of NOISE also; Death Factory! As for the blog-question re: Sacristan, is it possibly a plot-ploy created for the movie itself? I have not seen this film (yet!). Thank you Wm.!

  2. A sacristan is exactly what you wrote: the caretaker of the church and the sacristy (the place where priests dresses - kinda like Superman's telephone cab but also the place where the wine and the vessels are), doesn't need to be an ordained priest or an official member of the Church. Maybe the plot has something to do with the fact that "el sacristan" lives/sleeps in the church, thus he is somehow more "exposed" to the evil forces which often lurk in the darkest of the (catholic) church corners. Maybe has something to do with the fact that the sacristy is the place where the man becomes (dresses) priest thus is a place of transformation. Man, I need to watch this film!

  3. Oh, The Church is a masterpiece! Along with Dellamore, Dellamorte (aka Cemetary Man), Michele Soavi made two very wonderful, very different films. Both are modern classics.