Wednesday, January 25, 2017

in my boudoir I HOWL!

So desperate and barrel-scraping have my at-home Netflix DVD rentals become, that I rented & watched this Charles Band/Full Moon collection called Aliens Gone Wild!, featuring the "best" moments from 8 or 9 Full Moon-produced sci-fi/horror features. I can't even tell you which film this image above is from; what I can tell you is that everything about it appealed to me—from the wallpaper pattern & the weave on the bedding, to the muted color palette, and most importantly her hands and facial expression—what I interpret as, "I see death waiting for me; I know that I am moments away, and I am not afraid."

I am always compelled, despite a painful/limiting physical situation, to continue My Castle of Quiet's run as the not-quite-like-any-other-radio-show, people-either-really-get-it-or-they-don't iconoclastic enterprise, unique even within the alternative-culture bastion of WFMU. I mean why lie? I know that no one else quite does this, or would even think of or want to do this. And what inspires me? Why of course, the disarmingly steady of flow of great NEW music, which last night included but was not limited to:

A tape side by Jacksonville's Cays (which garnered much-deserved appreciation on our playlist, and also proved I wasn't misfiring by not coming punk and metal right out of the gate, as I most often do) | J Slusher & A Pleasure (creepy, urban electronica) | a fantastic, brass-based live-group improvisation from Blood Rhythms ...

And for my own, further rousing pleasures were derived from the Leah P Live in Japan 12" | Ramlord | Cioran | True Love | Maledicere from 2009 | Durazis | Bludded Head from 2014 ...

...So remember that look, and don't fear the reaper. Ideally Castleheads are engaged in some version of that expression/sentiment whilst listening, because what it carries above all is peace, for we are never at peace as long as we fear death, to say nothing of that fear leading to stronger stuff like religious faith and herd obedience.

Lastly, I'd like to highly recommend the first bit of cinema that brought me to silent applause this year, an Indian film unlike any you've ever seen, a mockumentary (most definitely not a comedy) about a sociopathic Mumbai rickshaw driver, a twitch-in-your-seat creepy little adventure called Autohead; trailer below.

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