Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Sometimes, often, it just comes down to this—whatever nightmares you've endured, and whatever horrors you've perpetrated—a dead guy and his devoted dog tell the tale. Final. True. What a great and poignant moment from Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room; canines don't traverse in right or wrong, objective judgments—only the presence and word of their beloved master.

So, I'm back, rickety as fuck, but hell, the accumulation of absolutely great new black metal, punk, and noise "pulled me back in"—not that I ever thought I was out (in contrast to Michael Corleone)—it was just a matter of time, in this field of achingly gradual recovery in which I now live.


The new Uniform, deservedly so, was a dynamite highlight; their two-man strike force pushing a lot of contemporary heavy music to the cookie-cutter periphery. Also inspiring Castlehead commentary were Necromorbid | Devil Master | Ides | Patrick Cowley & Candida Royale ...

Personal highs and "discoveries" included the new Sovereign 12" on Seed Stock (rec. 2009) | The Lowest Form | BIB 7" | the Barghest / Thou split 10" | works by Haare | Black Sand Desert & Unsustainable Social Condition | Dolce ...


Oh and THAT LIST, that one I do every year, of films that made a resonant impression on me, and virtually all the new music that stopped me in my tracks in 2016, it's coming. I know how much you all LOVE those year-end lists, haha, but, myself somewhat derailed/uninspired by a twisted physical state, enthused composition didn't happen/was delayed. I figured just as well, let you recover from everyone's else's 2016 wrap-up—then I, with a week or two of hunkered-down writing, plus the benefit of a few weeks' hindsight, could er, dazzle—maybe even bedazzle, but I hesitate to set the bar quite that high. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled (and no, The Autopsy of Jane Doe is not on it); I'll do my best to shove it in your faces anyway.


Your multitude of welcoming comments on our playlist was just the juice that I needed, very much appreciated. Back next week.

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  1. Welcome back!
    Hearing the Zombi theme tonight made my heart swell, you fiend.