Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tarkus saved my life once.

I like an old Melvins tune, how about youuuuuuuuu? I like some Mossy doom, how about youuuuuu?

"From the flight of the seagull, come the spread claws of the eagle, only fear breaks the silence, as we all kneel pray for guidance..." Feeling this way lately? Surprised that Emerson, Lake and Palmer can be at all relevant in 2017? Don't be. What's old is new again.

Bedazzling: IDES | Evocación | Seol | Sovereign | Cowardice | The Lowest Form | Ohyda | HOGG | Beheat Gorum de Mentheurd | Âmes Sanglantes | Architeuthis Dux


And there up top we have Hollywood's—nay America's—Golden Boy; actor, director, lover of wives and children, winner of awards, with not a scandal attached to his name, in a bit of a jam there in Drive (a tender moment for me especially because Christina Hendricks' head has just been blown clean off), but he'll make it. A REAL HERO, AND A HUMAN BEING. 

Expect the My Castle of Quiet 2016 wrap-up film list (with notation) and music dump to post tomorrow, or at the very least before week's end.

Thank you one and all for lending your ears and minds to last night's horrorcast™.

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