Monday, January 2, 2017

MCoQ returns tomorrow night...yeah I dunno

Guts twisted, neck only now starting to hold straight—fuck it, I return. SEVEN WEEKS of radio is enough to miss. ...Whom else will bring you the decrepit roar and screech that you have come to expect?

Can't thank enough my WFMU colleagues who filled in (Jeff M., Jonathan Herweg, Prof Dum Dum, Michele), and the scores more fellow staff and listener friends who wrote concerned/kind/heartfelt emails & letters, sent dazzling care packages, and brought by homemade pierogi. You're a great group! Didn't realize I'd engendered so much good will over the years, but there you have it—truly, thanks!

Neuropathy is freezing my fingers as I type; not gonna lie—I got FUUUUCKED UP, and some conditions/symptoms are ongoing, but that said, I'm not one to go on at length about my personal maladies (hint: no one really digs it) and yeah, after weeks of forming Castle playlists in my head, I could stand the wait no longer.

So... Welcome to rice fields, motherfucker!

...And while you're at it, check out My Castle of Quiet's new logo & playlist-archive topper (for bold, new times) designed and executed by Matt Neatly, longtime Castle supporter, great friend, and all-around solid guy. And yes, Jean Rollin's heartbroken nun from Fiancée of Dracula remains.



  1. Fuck yeah! Wm. Berger cannot be stopped and the Castle rolls along once again! Glad to know your feeling kinda better man, missed ya. FUCK TRUMP!!

  2. I know I missed you and your blog entries.