Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thx for the discourse + all th other d's

They say that if you don't buy a lottery ticket, your chances of winning are almost as good as those of one who does. I'm starting to realize how that equation applies to so many things, i.e., you are almost as likely to reap success, praise, and attention for your efforts doing fuck all as you are breaking your back. Fortune smiles on the charming-but-talentless shitheads among us as often or more so than it does on those of us who really put the passion into everything we do. Integrity is supposed to be its own reward, but honestly it's getting old, practically on a respirator at this point.

In context, does anyone read these posts, apart from my Dad? (he won't be happy with this one...) I mean I realize that people do read, but is the ratio of effort-to-recognition anywhere near equivalent? The more Internet content that gets vomited out, by everyone, the fewer salvageable chunks I see. Fluff, as opposed to fodder. "Secret admirers" should step into the light, because I want to see you; you appreciate my quality, and I want to appreciate yours. Apart from sheer, blissful music appreciation, "building the tribe" is the reason I do this.

We were back with a metal vengeance last night, after a week off. Listeners liked Sodom | Doom | Undergang | Occult 45 | Null & Void | Inculcator | Steve Moore/Cub OST | Macronympha ...personal highlights included Rosemary Krust's Last Tape | Blood Rhythms | Vociferii | Haxen | Tzantza | ...and my all-time favorite Clandestine Blaze song.

Keeping it brief, I have a life to get to (not much of one, but I'm always working on it) ...our still this week comes from the small-budget, mini-masterpiece horror-comedy Crush The Skull (see below.) Click on Vivian with the gun to reach the audio archive, detailed playlist and listener comments for this week's My Castle of Quiet horrorcast™


  1. Every week I look forward to reading the blog and checking out the screen cap of the week before jumping into the playlist and audio archives. Now I'm no secret admirer as I've commented here several times before, so I suppose that doesn't really help your cause of finding more than a handful of regulars who read this blog. All I know is that I'd be really bummed if the blog ever ceased to exist—please keep it up!

  2. Thanks jack h, truly means a lot!