Wednesday, June 1, 2016

and blackout drapes

I rage against the elements. Summer Is Not My Friend. Everything that grates on my will is insult to injury. I shun the light, that which makes me feel like a hot dog under a heat lamp in a last-resort convenience store. You are welcome to bask in the sun's joyous bounty, many of you will. The way of the Lycanthrope is my way; I hunt at night.

A highlight of our first set was the track by Cryfemal, who just played NYC recently; Thanks to engineer Jean Paul, I got to meet Ebola off-mic two weeks ago; all his projects are excellent, and will be gracing the Castle airwaves in the weeks ahead.

From about 1-2 a.m., we had quite the rollicking punk set; too much gold there to just have a look.

Great tracks by Hive Mind and Schimpfluch-Gruppe made up much of our last hour; remember both are playing tomorrow night on a stacked bill for the first night of Ende Tymes VI—the fest is always a phenomenal weekend for noisehead locals; that link will tell you what you need to know.

Last hour ended gloriously, with a tape-side-long hypno-fest by Acre, and a selection from the excellent Ataraxic Ataxia CD on NO PART OF IT. ...

It would seem my brain momentarily mashed up ginkgo trees and gecko lizards, I knew what I meant. Especially this time of year, all "icky green things that live outside" are of the same stuff, kind of like the pink slime at McDonald's.

To stream this week's melted cone of a horrorcast™ (screen image from Deathgasm—a charming, metal-centric horror comedy from New Zealand) click up top for the streaming audio, playlist and listener comments.

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