Wednesday, June 15, 2016

what the Fuck! why so quiet?

"Baa baa ..." Whisper your questions and desires to Black Phillip, may he listen. But know that once you sign the book, you've committed and have chosen a side.

Many people today are obsessed with desire, but not with desire itself...rather, with damning it, condemning it. To want for earthly pleasures (not just sex, not by a mile) is shameful and to be quashed. Lust, indulgence of any kind, hedonism, all terribly BAD. Desexualization of everything is becoming the acceptable norm; be not a sexual being at all, be Switzerland're a potato waiting for the proper sticks to be added. The hipster / politically correct wave riders forget, it would seem, that these are VERY CHRISTIAN VALUES, PURITANICAL, and therefore not "modern" at all. Desire makes the world go around—as does compassion, generosity of spirit, and a sense of community—but desire has become the odd man out in that equation. It's less fashionable to be The Devil than ever before; all manner of want is strictly verboten, uncool even, and if anything, that paradigm reminds me of the Heaven's Gate cult—CONTROL—draining the "sex" out of everything—albeit by way of a good, seemingly humanitarian intention.

Needless to say, I'm very proud to be a heterosexual male, neither a "sinner" nor a "saint," with my values and ideas very much consistent and very much forged in the latter part of the previous century. Remember, the hippies, cultists, and free thinkers of mine and my parents' generations did a lot of fucking and drug-taking, they answered the call of their hedonistic desires, and SOMEHOW they still fought for equality, Civil Rights, and against unjust wars and unchecked Capitalism. I'm not sure what neo-Liberals stand for, except shutting down and silencing every voice that is not in agreement with theirs, not seeing light and shade, or nuance—only a black and white world, where a hard cock and a juicy steak are both very much anathema. I am male, I am solid, my feet are on the ground, but I am also tender, compassionate, loving and sensitive. All those pieces fit. ....

Super-pleased to host the great Moros last night, who delivered a gruesome, punching horrorshow of a set, even better than I could have possibly imagined. Hard hard hard and soul-inspiring in all the right ways. Being on WFMU puts me at a great advantage, one I'm eternally grateful for, whereby I get to meet and host the bands and performers I like, and almost without exception find that they are excellent people as well. I could never have survived some of the harder years of my recent life without the sense of tribe and community that creating and hosting My Castle of Quiet and the Prison Tatt label have provided.

Super-quiet comment board last night, not sure wtf that was about... Maybe people were just too hypnotized by our opener, the driving noise-rock epic "Outside" by Dead C. Maybe I just suck and should play more pleasant pop tunes (we both know THAT isn't going to happen.) Other highlights included new Inculcator on Caligari | new Cherubs single (!) | new Moonknight | new Jason Crumer | Nurse 7" | classic Necrophagia | new Jucifer | Ataraxic Ataxia ...and, as they say, much, much more.

I'm off next week; good buddy Jonathan Herweg will be filling in, with his excellent, collage-like program of compelling experimental music etc., so do tune in and lend him an ear.

Back in two weeks, and thanks again to the guys in Moros! Click on Mercy and Black Phillip, from the contemporary classic The Witch, to reach the archive & playlist for this week's horrorcast™.