Wednesday, June 8, 2016

So pretty much in Hell and this is the right music.

At My Castle of Quiet, customized, personal hells are our specialty. It's not what we plan on necessarily; just what ends up happening most of the time.

Why take today the shower you could put off until tomorrow? Make an imaginary friend. Start drafting that opinion to remove "ish" forever from the English language.  Try to remember (without cheating) what the five Philip K. Dick books you haven't read are. It's not scary, the abyss awaits, and there's always room for one more on the dusty davenport.

Untraceable bruises and cuts. The floor is sticky, not sure why. With one eye turned away, who did I text last night? Hopefully a friend who won't shame me. ....

the "sin" is deceptively "sin-ple" (sorry) ... those dishes will eventually wash themselves, it's all a matter of focus. Look slightly to the left of what you're seeing, and squint ... the universe might suddenly open up before your eyes.

In our first set, we heard yet again from the great new Alkerdeel LP, as well as brand-new Inculcator on Caligari Records, Muert (from Spain, 2014) ... Always good to hear the splatter of Dead Peasant Insurance, and as we rounded into our last hour, new works from Pete Swanson / Greh Holger, the Anima reissue (1977) on Play Loud!, and Nurse With Wound's set of Sand remixes....

Up top, a high priest of sloth (there are many, after all) Charles Freck, as played by Rory Cochrane, from what I still find to be the most spot-on of PKD film adaptations, especially in that it captures what it feels like to read the novel (drugs, paranoia, our every move is being filmed, who am I and where do my loyalties lie? etc.) Click on the radical "de-bugging" depicted to stream the archived audio, view the playlist and read listener comments from last night's horrorcast™

NEXT WEEK: My Castle of Quiet returns to live music, with a set from the great Moros, from Phildelphia; join the Facebook "radio event"!

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