Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Given the musical motif, I thought I should speak severely. 

Good, dark times this week per usual. Enrique of KAVRA already summed up our horrorcast™ better than I ever could have (see the lead post @ The Castle Facebook grp), heartfelt appreciation from a bandmember/listener/participant/friend always better than notes from the maestro (I like the way he called the program my "monster child," that's perfect.)

Do want to say that conversation on Brooklyn eats, Oasis restaurant, and a good bowl of borscht all very much appreciated. How satisfying its rough heartiness would be today—in this oppressive heat—with a cool dollop of sour cream on top.

I only ever ask for life to be reasonable, and it is, more often than not. Perhaps that's why the unreasonable moments really stand out—like hi-beams at night—getting under my skin like an irritation, a scabies infection—insulting my very senses like the acrid, over-warmed air of Northern NJ in July. A pale-skinned lass to share the occasional bowl of borscht, to sit on my chest a few times a week, to mosh in the kitchen, to share in the joys and mockery of life?!—seems like a reasonable request to me. "What's not to like?" (Right, D?)

Listeners remarked upon Iggy Pop's classic "Caesar" | Sand ... personal highs included, but were not limited to, new USBM from True Love | The Repos | Null & Void | new Misery Ritual | new top-shelf dark ambient from Verminaard | new Jason Crumer | Jabladav [James Harlow on bandcamp] ...

Our still this week comes from Georges "Eyes Without a Face" Franju's Judex, and we see there the titular character, where you can click to reach the streaming audio, image-laden playlist, and listener comments for this week's horrorcast. Thanks for your ears and appreciation.

And to close, I want to second my on-air recommendation for the 2014 film Honeymoon, working the "female partner is sensitive to spirit-energy, thus is drawn into a separate realityscape/consciousness" horror trope to rewarding dramatic effect:

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