Wednesday, April 29, 2015

this requires another bowl 

HUGE thanks to everyone who heaped appreciation and support on last night's horrorcast™in general, and on our special live guests in particular. Vorde brought it, slew it, and left a smoking husk in their wake. I feel so very fortunate, that every live My Castle of Quiet set is another opportunity to provide a platform for great bands to display their considerable talents. Vorde brought their own sage, an iron candelabra, and a statue of Pan, and I'm not sure that much more needs to be said beyond that!

As noted by myself and others, Vorde are one of the very best bands in USBM, forging a singular and vital sonic identity, and simultaneously pushing genre definitions. Ace black metal songwriters, they use the sounds of their individual instruments, and the glorious whole of what they do, to sculpt a divine idiosyncrasy, with death rock and goth injections providing variation and contrast. Vorde's finish with a Wipers cover-rendered-black was an exquisite treat! You can hear it all in last night's show archive, linked above, and keep your eyes out for a possible hard-copy release as well.

In the meantime, Vorde's self-titled debut LP, one of my favorites of the year, can be purchased here from Fallen Empire Records, and for those of you on a tighter budget, the digital album can be had for a "name your price" download.

Our first set was a blast too, worthy of hyperbole, with new selections and older favorites from Moss | NRIII | A.M.S.G. (saxophone in black metal, fuck yes!) | and the mighty Murw ...Also noted on our playlist, a song from Vrolok's Resurgence, one of the many great finds from my San Francisco shopping spree; a great new piece from our two-time guests Volahn, from their no-less-than-extraordinary double LP, Aq'Ab'Al; a song from the great new full-length by SF natives Bosse-de-Nage; and personal nods to perennial favorites Nuit Noire, and Ed Hall's "Deth." All this, and our show closer—a crafted mountain of rhythmic, electronic assault from Bizarre Uproar.

Our screen capture this week is culled from David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars, and if you've seen the film, you'll have a fractional understanding of what our week's show title, "A Well-Deserved Pummeling" means, though ultimately it "means" many things to me. (I'm also just a sucker for a beautiful woman in blood spatter...) Click there to hear this week's program, Vorde's full live set inclusive.

Hope to see many of you at the WFMU Annual Record Fair this weekend; with the help JPG, last night's hardworking & talented audio engineer, I'll be holding down the Prison Tatt Records table, all three days.

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