Wednesday, May 6, 2015

...kid stuffed pop rocks into his dick, and it exploded.

My my, how that Jonathan Herweg can get me talking! A divine compadre, we get each other laughing, and hopefully extracted yuks and maybe even a few deep thoughts from listeners as well. STDs, childhood terror, "sharing your feelings" with a significant other, early porn experiences & the birds and the bees [see "childhood terror" above], politics, elections, race, machismo, music fanaticism and more were all on the table. ...Always a treat, to have a guest to help me dust off Castle cobwebs, and Jonathan is just about as good as it gets. Click on his name, above, to hear his Blurred and Obscured WFMU show archives.

Not much talk on our comments board about the music we heard last night, though my score of the Nuclear Assault / Brain Death 12" got a shout; many other great thrash / speed metal left the WFMU Record Fair in my hands, including selections we heard by Toxic Holocaust, Indestructible Noise Command, and Agony.

Other personal highlights included Overmars | Dead Congregation | Vérzivatar [first demo!] | Spitzenqualität | Dumal | Sale Freux [great new full-length] | Holocaustus ...

Thanks to all who listened, participated, endured / enjoyed our banter, and commented on the playlist. Click on this week's capture, our second from You're Next, to reach the archived audio, etc. for last night's horrorcast™.

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