Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Goth it up 

Before the fact of the 3.5 hours of sleep I got last night comes crashing down on me, wanted to share last night's My Castle of Quiet with you all.  Was a different kind of night; several longer pieces suggested a more horizontal mood than is perhaps usual—outstanding new material from NRIII; a tape side from the great, unmappable Krasseville; and an album side of "bleak, ceremonial doom"* from the divine and under-celebrated Sektarism

Even with its broader shape, I think you'll agree last night's horrorcast™ was quite "metal," what with the Heathen selection, the first Villains single, new Satanic Warmaster, the thrash records I nabbed @ the WFMU Record Fair, UFO [!!!], tracks from Pig Destroyer and Sunrot.

Playlist shouts to the aforementioned Krasseville; the fantastische new digital album by Spitzenqualität, whose marriage of raw bm with a Krautrock sensibility reaches new heights on this collection; and Norma Tanega, with her 1966 song, "You're Dead," used to great effect for the title sequence of the new-ish Kiwi comedy-horror feature What We Do in the Shadows.

Our movie still this weeks comes from a newer film, The Battery. ...That people are still able to reboot the zombie mythos and template with originality, telling fresh stories, is continually amazing to me—it's rare, but The Battery does it for sure. A moody travelogue in an unpopulated American wasteland, where two minor-league baseball players are trying desperately to survive, and gain traction, both in their situation and their friendship, and the scene excerpted above is one of most unexpected (yet somehow so natural I saw it coming) scenes in any new horror film I've seen in quite some time...don't want to spoil anything....

Thanks for listening as always. The WFMU schedule goes through its bi-annual change in a few weeks; hopefully, we follow one another into the Summer, and beyond, with some rare, exceptional live music in the works.

*per Amoeba Music

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