Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hey I stayed up for this

Sanguine ... associated with the predominance of blood among the bodily humors • archaic bloody or bloodthirsty.

Started off with the letting of some "rock blood," and playlist nods went to the excellent, new s/t Wire album; Perfect Pussy; and that hot new Uniform full-length, still working its way to invading my consciousness. I quite liked the newly-issued, "lost" Rema-Rema 12" as well ...

We then careened into a full set of d-beat / punk / crust / thrash whatever-the-kids-are-calling-it-these-days, with a ferocious battering that included songs from Vivisektion, Vastator, Infernal Onslaught [all still available on tape through Wohrt Records], the new Halshug on Southern Lord ... and I must thank Nitsua Sean for pointing me toward two amazing, newer Ontario bands, Mueco and Mocoso.

The Devilspit tape, Grim, Hateful & Drunk, continues to be a personal favorite [Caligari Records], as does Ashencult's Black Flame Gnosis, not their latest, but ever-emerging as an excellent collection deserving of greater praise and attention, cassette available from Broken Limbs Recordings.

Older selections on vinyl from Sad, and Haat, dressed up the table at our black metal party...later, newer selections from NRIII [cassette now available!], Prurient, and Palace of Swords crowned our last hour.
Haat, same album, different song, on YT.

Our playlist-topping photo this week comes from talented French-Canadian designer Maude Nibelungen, sporting a handsome, black-latex glove by Vex, Inc.; it's images like these, and the notions they provoke, that keep me sanguine.

Thanks as always for listening, and joining in on the playlist reverie.

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