Wednesday, April 1, 2015

cheese princess ... praise Buddha!! and Satan!!

Indeed, praise! We NEED the Gnosis. ...and the cheese princess, ever resilient, acclimates in the face of ruin in the only way she knows how, by climbing up into truck cabs, selling favors....

Amazing how fevered a discussion can result from the mere posting of a photo of Werner Herzog's character Stroszek, as portrayed by the legendary non-actor Bruno S. The "message" of last night's horrorcast™ was "yes, wear that shit-eating grin, wear it with joy, but also remember the lesson of Stroszek—lead with humility!

Playlist praise for Ashencult | Pest (Sweden) | PiL's "Fodderstompf," oozing pure, snide derision | Cannibal Movie, from Avorio | Inquisition | P16.D4 (klassik!) | Penpals, with the theme from the Anime, Berserk ... personal thrills included yet another great track by Devilspit, from Grim, Hateful and Drunk, [GREAT album (on cassette from Caligari Recs.)], and the Fang reissue, of their Land Shark! EP (1982), a BIG record for WFMU in general, when I first arrived there in late 1983.

Thinking next week will be a great time for Noise Bliss-Out #3, what with my promising to do another such program after-marathon, and with the last two weeks being so very mtl., and my not having even done a full 3 hrs. of noise since 2009 ... Bliss-Out #1 | Bliss-Out #2 (with Paul Haney)

Thanks for keeping the spirit of far-reaching film chatter alive on the comments board, for dropping the occasional comment that applies to the radio proceedings, and for your robust participation in general, keeping me awake and vitally amused.

Do click on the tragic Stroszek, seen plying his considerable talent for a largely indifferent group of courtyard onlookers, to reach the archived audio, playlist and comments for last night's show.

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