Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Justice or just-ass?

Good to be back in Castle environs, after a week abroad in the alternately sunny / foggy, hot-cold embrace of San Francisco, my home away from home. Happy also to share my many music-shopping "scores" on last night's program as well, and be assured that we have only scratched the surface of my blackened haul from Amoeba Music and aQuarius Records.

Want to say straightaway that I did catch one impressive live set, by Franco Falsini / Sensations' Fix, the loopy Italian prog artist, some of whose works have been thoughtfully reissued by the great, Bay-Area-based Superior Viaduct label. Franco is going it solo this time, making his way East, with a show in Columbus, OH, tomorrow night, Philly and NY shows to follow, though that info seems a bit difficult to scare up, so maybe someone can fill in those blanks for me. The set I saw in Oakland was largely beat-based (though not entirely), though with the Sensations' Fix characteristic vibe thoroughly intact; with hypnotic, ever-shifting synth groundwork, and Franco's melodic and processed guitar overlays. Totally worth it, for those like myself who eat this stuff up!

Highlights from our weekly horrorcast™ included a split-tape selection from New Hampshire's mighty Ramlord, who'll be bringing their gutsy blackened-crust to Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn on July 26, along with outstanding black metal from Dumal (from PA, tapes on Vanguard Productions) and headliner Kult ov Azazel.

Was pleased to find a copy of the 2010 full-length, Reaper Subconscious Guide, by Norway's eccentric Furze (there's been another full CD since, in 2012) and give a song from the same its WFMU debut. Another debut was the title piece from Pig Destroyer's Mass & Volume, a newly-issued coupling of tracks left off 2007's outstanding Phantom Limb (along with Terrifyer, my personal-favorite arc in the enduring grindcore-doom project's history.) Also, in the past weeks, been leaning heavily on the great, new Anasazi album, Nasty Witch Rock.

New releases on Profound Lore Records also shone, with a selection from the GREAT new full-length by Bosse-de-Nage, and tracks from Menace Ruine & the new Full of Hell / Merzbow 2CD opus. Ferocious songs from Order of The White Hand and Peste Noire were also clear standouts on our playlist.

And speaking of playlist—to bask in a full, live night of Castleness, come out tomorrow to Lucky 13 Saloon, 644 Sackett St. in Gowanus, Brooklyn, where I'll be DJ'ing, in what will hopefully become a regular, bi-weekly stint. Say hello, buy me a pop, watch the dancers, and we can wallow in the blackness together.

Click on our weekly film capture, from Michele Soavi's The Church, perhaps one of my favorite horror films of all time, wherein the freshly demonized Evan claims another initiate in the name of the quite-damned titular house of worship.

and prepare yourselves...NEXT WEEK on My Castle of Quiet: LIVE MUSIC FROM VORDE!!!