Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Taking a break from excitedly binge-watching Berserk,* to bid you all a fond, temporary farewell, and declare last night's Noise Bliss-Out #3 an unqualified success. Noise fills the human void like no other music; it gets its way out to the farthest corners of your being, to the tips of your capillaries, takes your head to a fuzzed palace, and lets you languish there for a while (see above; that guy's languishing days are, um, over.)

Fat praise for our opening set, a live cassette recording by Michigan's Slither, and a 2002 hunk of glory from Mr. Richard Ramirez—agreed, fuck yes, that RR track was especially great. People also dug the Xiphoid Dementia, whew—just heard that for the first time the other day, quite a piece—came in my latest "mystery package" from Husere Grav. ...

If you're in the area, I'll be spinning alternate Thursdays at Lucky 13 Saloon, 644 Sackett St. in Brooklyn, starting tomorrow night, 4.9, as part of a live show including Dead Infection, and Organ Dealer. (Subsequent weeks will more likely be just myself and my phone, overloaded with ugly music.)

I'm headed out in a few days for a week, to my second home, San Francisco—much eating of Indian pizza, tacos, desayunos, sweet Thai, fresh sashimi etc., family, great friends, and over-the-limit shopping at the SF Amoeba store—all on the pgm.

Thanks for listening and making our third noisestravaganza a blast. I could do it every week, to be sure...but I could do a lot of things every week, hehe ...

Click on on our blissed-out couple, above, from Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive, to reach the archived audio, playlist and comments for last night's all-noise horrorcast™.

*Episode 21, Guts and Casca finally hook up—whew! That was A LOT of sexual tension; I know it's going to end tragically / horribly, but hell, better to have loved and lost....

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