Friday, July 27, 2012

Guillermo, eres un vato de carajo! Viva los demonios!!!

Dunno what happened, but a few weeks ago, insomnia set in, like a case of psychic buboes. I get 3-5 hours a night, tops. I can't claim work-related stress, as was the case in 2008 the last time this happened. I love what I do now, releasing records and supporting bands mainly, and though I make nowhere near what I used to—cannot even really make my own bills—I'm happy, with work at least. I grind the Prison Tatt label like a "real" job, sitting here everyday, writing emails, corresponding with artists and vendors, making sales and runs to the post office.

Something is wrong. My mind and body are trying desperately to tell me, but the message doesn't get through, and I float through the day with a constant, mild stomachache and a head that feels like styrofoam. My eyes hurt. My fingers ache. My heart beats too fast and I smoke too many cigarettes.

The My Castle of Quiet show is a big part of the "soul food" that keeps me going, though the hours of the live broadcast are most certainly not supportive of sleep-health. Midnight-3 is where this show lives, and I've accepted that this isn't going to change any time soon.

Major vatos on the playlist comments last night, at least two of them, lobbing comments back and forth and at me, and I'm way cool with that, as WFMU has a great International audience now via our Web stream, and so much great black metal and hardcore comes from Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries. Fuck yeah! Heavy coincidence, too, as the show I had already planned included Glam, Cripta Oculta, Alma Negra, and Somnio.

Noted on our playlist were Salvation (new 7" EP on Youth Attack), the aforementioned Cripta Oculta, Diamatregon (new 7" EP on Drakkar Productions), Husere Grav (new CS on ghettonaturalistseries), and the great Pine Smoke Lodge (from Songs For Sucking Spirit Darts, on House of Alchemy.)

Now, will someone come here and help me sleep? Pat my head and read me a story or something.

These kids just wanna hug me to a radioactive death, but they will take you, dear reader, to the audio-archive options and playlist for last night's horrorcast™. May the mighty powers of fuck-all be with you.


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