Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lord Time / Forgotten Future; new, limited, one-of-a-kind release on Prison Tatt / UC!

I'm deadly serious when I say that this is one of the milestones in Prison Tatt's catalog, a dynamite package, created and assembled with the utmost care by the artist. In addition to our usual, silkscreened, folded sleeve printed @ Seizure Palace, Lord Time (aka Andorkappen of Harassor), has fully designed this amazing package, and quite literally put his blood into its creation!

Forgotten Future was released originally on cassette in 2010, on the artist's own Universal Consciousness label, and this is Prison Tatt's first co-release, with UC. I wouldn't co-release with just anyone, and several have offered, but I'm typically loathe to partner with anyone, as the potential hassles are just too great. LT was nothing but a pleasure to work with, and in fact did the great bulk of the work himself. All I had to do was throw in my share of production costs, mail the cover art to SP, and sit back and wait for the magic to happen—and it truly has!

For this edition, Forgotten Future was remastered for vinyl, with added punch, and comes in a striking package, featuring a two-sided, hand-numbered (in blood!), letterpress insert (with a real-blood tear, dripping from LT's eye), a bloody thumbprint on the play side of the record, and more blood spattered on the blank side. In addition, the first 20 orders direct from Prison Tatt (let's say 19, as I'll be keeping one of these for myself!) will receive a very-limited "artist's edition," with multiple locked-grooves on the B side, created and lathed by the artist after factory production. We're not charging any more for these; it's first come, first served!

Thanks to our very-talented and hardworking Webmistress, Tracy Widdess of Brutal Knitting (great Knit-Culture interview with Tracy, featuring an inspirational movie list, here.), my description / "review" of the record, with audio snippet and PayPal button for easy shopping, is up @ Prices are postpaid, $16 in the continental U.S., $20 in Canada & Mexico, and $25 worldwide. Forgotten Future is a steal at any price! PayPal orders may also go straight to -- please make sure to indicate what you're buying, and include your full shipping address.

Huge thanks to UC and Andorkappen for making this release happen!

Looking briefly to the immediate future of Prison Tatt, our one-sided, s/t release by Demonologists is coming very soon (!), to be followed by our first full LP (think of it as two great one-sided LPs, back-to-back!) from Canada's Tomhet, entitled Caliginous. We never stop, on PT block.

We'll also be holding a six-artist, live showcase, Friday, 9/21 @ The Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ. Watch this space for full info, tc.

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