Friday, July 20, 2012

Live from Heaven

Indeed. The MCoQ show is "heavenly" for me, too, despite its often hellish atmospheres. As above, so below.

You only get me good once. That's the thing about pranks. And I have your address, a bat, and almost 48 years of pent-up rage. But the better punishment is most definitely to allow you to live on, as the miserable fuck that you are. Insanity, relative poverty, loneliness, and the ugliness inside you, will kill you more effectively than I ever could. Slow—and very, very painful.

Back on Earth, 'twas a very, very special broadcast last night; planned in a matter of days, but again one for the ages. Gen Ken's CON mix was so exquisite, it kissed the horizon with its twitching tones and surging harmonies. The music of Conrad Schnitzler has always been a source of great mystery and solace for me personally, and Ken Montgomery is CON's surviving prophet on the solid ground, and we're quite fortunate to have him. I can't encourage all NYC residents enough to avail themselves of the many enriching events coming up in a few days for CON-MYTHOLOGY, planned by Ken with the greatest love, honor, respect, and admiration for the late composer.

Gen Ken's live CON-mix was recorded, and will hopefully grace WFMU's Web portals in the near future, on mp3, to have, listen and hold. As listener ROATFREAK noted, "Ken ~ thanks for being a CON artist!"

Once I weeded out the multiple comments from our board, schizophrenically and methodically placed, likely by one, pathetic, sad and heavily inebriated individual, it shaped up to be a quite lively, amusing and appreciative playlist! Much ado was made over new recordings from Sutekh Hexen, and deservedly so! (Thanks to Kenny @ Wohrt for sending along the advance, digital files!) Sutekh's new Behind The Throne is a deep, sonorous, mind-fuck of a journey, and we here at The Castle are looking forward to a possible live visit from the band this Fall.

A track from Loon's self-titled CD (on Beta-lactam Ring Records) was also notable, as one of our few-but-significant metal selections on last night's broadcast. Pulverizing doom, with an outstanding female vocalist.

We also heard great new music from Lea Bertucci, from her masterful cassette release Carillon, on Obsolete Units. Highly recommended by this DJ. Look for a live performance visit from Lea on the show this October.

That's about it. I'm off to a nap, before the Lussuria-Alberich-DeTrop-Medved show, tonight at La Sala. Click on our nude, frantic, patch-bay operator (from Peter Fonda's Idaho Transfer, one his very few directorial works, and quite memorable) to access the audio archives, accuplaylist and comment board for last night's horrorcast™.

Thanks for tuning in last night, and to all the "real," sane, colorful and appreciative individuals for commenting.

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