Friday, July 6, 2012

not something you want to put in your mouth

Samo smells something awful. Something really stinks, he just hasn't figured it out yet. A demonic figure is stalking our disproportionately hapless hero, and he'll have to deal with it eventually. We all do! Our demons are nothing if not patient.

Not sure exactly why the My Castle of Quiet radio show has been so chock-full of long-form tracks lately, but who cares!? You all seem to be taking the ride with me. I do tend to favor ideas that have been sat on, laid out flat, and worked on for a while. That said, we all need a quick blast of Sangraal now and again—more often than that, in fact.

Alkerdeel track in our first set laid most listeners prostrate, one whole side from the great new album we've been hearing a lot from, :Morinde: on Consouling Sounds. Not sure about U.S. distro, but it's a pretty fair deal to buy direct from the label in Belgium, as I did. That LP is a co-release with At War With False Noise in the UK, so you can also purchase it there. Always loved the band, and was in email contact with Jeroen Pede for a time, but this record is for sure their meisterwerk! Flooring.

Also noted on the playlist were Hanged Ghost, B.C. (you can buy the recording digitally at that link, which also includes a list of distros for the physical tape, Prison Tatt included), Moonknight, Pregnant Spore and Social Drag (tape info.)

So much great music has been released / made in the last few years (to our particular zeitgeist), that all I really have to do is creatively filter the results. It's actually harder for me to decide what not to play and leave for the coming week's show.

In brief, thanks for all the great music! Thanks to all the metal bands, noise projects, and unclassifiable artists, for all the hard-to-pin-down greatness!

See you next week. Click on Samo (still from Spooky Encounters, 1980) to reach the playlist and audio archives of this week's horrorcast™.

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