Friday, April 27, 2012

phew! relaxing castle of quiet style

Relaxing, eh? I know that our show relaxes me, but I rarely expect others to see it that way. The immersion factor of such strong, sometimes enveloping, sometimes all-surrounding sounds can be a balm to the mind. We've discussed this before; no room for bad thoughts, etc. Unless, of course, if one of these things depicted above is heading straight for your cranium—that's pretty much the situational opposite of a mineral bath or a day at the hot springs. Ha!

The head bleeds, so much, an impossible amount; and to see it shooting out, in heart-pumped surges, from the back of our little flying assassin, well that's just too much for most civilians. Stay out of the all-marble mausoleum; that's just some healthy advice. Make what you will of it.

High honors to our special, LIVE guests the other night, Occultation, who absolutely BROUGHT IT, and kicked it out for all to hear. Quoth the playlist comments, "Occultation sounds fantastic. Haunting & beautiful."; "the talent, the haunting atomosphere, incredible!!!!!! Thank you Occultation!!!!!!"; "...thank you Occultation and Wm., that was a real treat."

Playlist-comment honors also went to Chris Forsyth, that wild, mysterious and creatively packaged (think Corpus Hermeticum) Sump demo tape, and a track from the brand-new Grisâtre full-length on Dusktone.

Occultation's set will post as downloadable, streamable mp3s in an approximate fortnight, on WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive. In the meantime, one can click on the shining ball above to hear the archived audio, and read the playlist and listener comments for this week's horrorcast™. Just please remember to duck. Better yet, hit the deck.

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