Friday, April 20, 2012

Epic. Epic. Oops! Times 2 even.

Since I got the balled-fist rant out of my system with yesterday's post, I'm inclined to just rant today about the music, the main reason we're all "here." Deeper and deeper into the long-form compositions I descend, be it metal or noise, I'm wallowing in tape-side or LP-side adventures for the most part, lately anyhow.

Apparently, at least some of you are heavily in concert with that approach, as tracks by house favorites Long Distance Poison and Sewer Election, and a track by Golden Serenades all received hearty praise. We also grooved to Undergang's track from the split with Funebrarum, and I'm reminded here and now that Undergang must surely be investigated in depth by yours truly (hey, I can't be up on everything, but it was in WFMU's new bin, and it knocked me out at first listen.) Favorites Ives, hard-hitting and heart-pounding black metal, the pride of Florida, made waves with a track from their cassette single, new on PVR. And lastly (though aired first), Nyogtha are enjoying a strong run of surging psychdelia through a noise-branded sieve, and coming up with some great material; get it all for free here.

The "trouble" with a long-form-composition approach on radio is that a) I end up smoking a lot more, as I am, except for listening to these works, which I have done many x before, just hanging out; and b) I end up at 3 a.m. with an "awwwww" feeling, because I didn't get to that, that OR that. Tracks by Haare, Abazagorath, Hex Breaker Quintet, Envenomist, Social Drag, and Prowls, will just have to be woven in next week or the week after.

And next week, ahhhhhh next week; LIVE MUSIC from OCCULTATION, right here in WFMU's studio B. Don't miss it.

For now, you may click on those lovely teeth above, surrounded by the softest of skin, teeth that offer naught so much as permanent exit from one's own mortality, and an eternity of bloodlust hunger (not as pleasant as it sounds), to access the playlist, audio archive and comments board for this week's horrorcast™. Thanks for listening.

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