Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thank you insomnia.

Poor Fox. Never a true friend, always used; a human accessory. The usually quiet man, fashionably dressed, sitting in the corner chair. A life of partial, peripheral existence.

With no real reason to stay, he chose to leave.

'Twas a metal-heavy show this week, weighted down by chains, gauntlets, perhaps even the stray codpiece. Tracks by Krisiun, Ulver, Floridian Winter (new fr. Primal Vomit!), Axnaar (pre-release track from a forthcoming Legion Blotan issue), Ganzmord and NRIII (also brand new!) provoked commentary from faithful Castleheads, and some new names from the beyond. Always welcome—always room for one more at this Castle.

Like every week, I had a time, always do. But I'm tired, world-weary, though not quite as much as Fox. Thankfully, I have more to live for. Click on that lovely studded jacket, soon to be stolen off of Fox's fresh corpse, to reach the playlist and audio archives of this week's horrorcast™.

Next week, a heavy analog electronics live session with The Spiritual Switchboard, including special guests. Don't miss it; even I am not really sure what's going to happen.


Listen closely, carefully. It's there.

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